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The Men's mental health charity

It's okay not being okay...

If you are struggling, not feeling right, experiencing a difficult stage of your life, and concerned about the way you feel and your Mental Health then we want to talk to you.

When you feel you can't talk to anyone then that is the time to reach out and we want you to. Everything is totally confidential and no one is judged.

It shows real strength to get things sorted!!

Here at Muted, we are just a bunch of people that have been there, been through hard times, and just want to help and support others based on our experiences and the knowledge we have been gained.

If you could do with some help or know of someone that does then send us a quick email to or click on the button below and we will get straight back to you.

Mental Health problems are more common than you think...

If you are worried about someone or your own mental health there are some things to look out for...​​


No interest or inspiration.

A lack of interest in things that previously you were passionate about such as sport, hobbles, maybe work, or even sex.



Feeling low, withdrawn, or worthless. 


Sleeping and Relaxing

Sleeping more than normal and struggling to get out the bed in the morning. Finding doing things such as

watching movies or just reading difficult and becoming restless and agitated.

Eating and Drinking

A loss of appetite. Drinking more alcohol than normal, particularly when feeling low or isolated.



Suffering from a lack of energy. More aches and pains than normal and back pain can often be a result of depression.



Finding it difficult to focus on tasks such as projects at work or jobs at home.


Opting to stay home when previously enjoyed socialising. 

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Support Group

Improving your Mental Health...


We would say this bit only because we know it helps. Talking to a mate. colleague or us can make a big difference. You will be surprised who has also experienced similar situations or feelings.


Visit your Doctor

It's an important step to take particularly if you are really struggling or have been for a long time. We know it's not easy but you will not be judged and your Doctor will understand and can help. They meet with people every day struggling with their mental health


Prescribed by your Doctor and can really help in many cases. Whilst there is still a stigma attached to taking 'happy tablets' there really shouldn't be, and a well-monitored course can really make a positive difference.



It's not all about tears, tissues, and lying down on a couch. The right counselor for you can help you process your thoughts so you can manage and put things in order. Counseling can be arranged via your Doctor or you can go private.


Physical Activity

Can sound scary especially if you don't currently do any but it can be one of the most beneficial methods. It doesn't have to be full-on powerlifting or even a gym membership. Just a walk, gentle jog, or a bike ride are good enough, particularly to start with. Physical activity can also bring added benefits such as socializing and fresh air.

Healthy diet

A good healthy diet can improve your mind especially when it's a long side physical activity. Reducing or quitting alcohol and smoking will really help.

Men Watching Sports
Who are we
Phone on Desk

What we do...

Generating Awareness
and an Understanding

We regularly produce posts via social media to hopefully spread the word that Men can suffer from mental health problems too and that it is ok. It's actually quite normal and we are here to help. Please feel free to follow us using the links on this page and remember, liking or sharing a post could really help someone close to you.

Family Time


The support we have received from this charity has been very well received by our workforce. Although a voluntary charity the Hucknall Rolls-Royce site has been pleased with the support that Muted has provided.


They have provided us with a mixture of support (Tool Box Talks and Shop Floor Walks) which has helped us raise the awareness of Mental Health itself and the support available. The approach has gone down well as the volunteers have shared their personal journeys and have an ultimate aim to make it OK to talk about Mental Health.


The site was so grateful for the support that some employees decided to take part in one of their fundraising events “A Sponsored Fire Walk” to raise funds for the great work they do. 

Rolls Royce

Happy Hour
If you need support, we want to help, just take that step and get in touch.
Alternatively, if you are a business and want to offer your workforce support, please get in touch and we can arrange to do a talk.
Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

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